5 Minute Facial Powder Mask-MAKEWAY
5 Minute Facial Powder Mask-MAKEWAY

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5 Minute Facial Powder Mask


5 Minute Facial .

Skin type: oily, combination, and acne-prone 

A clay-based absorbing, pore-clearing powder mask that only requires 5 minutes to leave-on before rinsing off for a clearer looking skin. This mask easily mixes with a toner, water or even other masks. 

List of ingredients: Calcium bentonite clay, Japanese pearl powder, zinc oxide, french green clay, arrowroot, kaolin clay, Tumeric powder, calendula crushed flowers, moringa powder

5 Minutes Facial- pore-clearing mask is best used every other day, and leave-on time is 5 minutes and no longer as it contains very high potent absorbing clays. Use as entire face mask or as a spot treatment every day until the pimple clears up.